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Human Rights are defined as: "The basic rights and freedoms to which all human beings are entitled...

Moscow Officials Back Scientology
Human Rights Marathon Launch

August 17, 2005

Moscow: At a time of growing tension in the world, Russian government officials and international human rights organizations are backing a team of runners who set out from Moscow today on the Russian capital's first ever Multathlon for peace and human rights. Starting out from Red Square amid a swirl of flags representing 17 different nations, the athletes plan to promote the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to officials and public throughout the Moscow region.

The Church of Scientology of Moscow is sponsoring the event, supported by such prestigious organizations as the Moscow Helsinki Committee, the city Ombudsman's Office, the International Association of Peace Funds, Moscowskoye Pole Pobedi (Moscow Victory Field) Association, the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights and the Russian division of the International Society for Human Rights The multathlon is part of a program to raise human rights awareness and to bring about a more peaceful and just society.

"With war and terrorism uppermost in people's minds, we need to direct our energies towards building a secure future by encouraging everyone to learn and apply the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in their lives," said a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology of Moscow.

At the launch event, athletes and supporters mingled with the crowd, distributing thousands of human right booklets and collecting signatures to a pledge to make human rights a reality for all citizens of Moscow.

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