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Human Rights Sign-A-Thon A Huge Success

March 2, 2006

Scientologists in Germany braved frigid temperatures to spread the human rights message

Scientologists in Germany braved frigid temperatures to spread the human rights message.

The first “Human Rights Sign-a-thon Weekend,” a grass roots activity to get thousands of citizens signing onto a petition to raise awareness and teach human rights, was a huge success! Teaming up with like-minded groups and organizations, Churches of Scientology around the world participated.

Highlights included Copenhagen, Denmark, where a huge 30-foot screen forwarded the Sign-a-thon’s human rights message in the main city square. Meanwhile 200 volunteers armed with clipboards, mingled with Copenhagen residents and collected 10,000 signatures in support of the petition. Despite frigid and rainy weather conditions across Europe, Church of Scientology volunteers in France collected over 4,000 signatures while over a thousand citizens signed on in Athens, Greece. Strong support for human rights was also demonstrated in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Austria and UK with a total of 22,000 Europeans adding their signatures over the Sign-a-thon weekend. Further north, Russia collected their first 1,000 signatures.

Taiwan collected the most signatures in southern Asia, with Japan close behind. In Australia, Sydney and Perth took part as did Auckland, New Zealand.

In the western hemisphere, Canada participated and in the USA citizens in Los Angeles, Mountain View, Seattle, Boston, Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia signed on in support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Even the Middle East took part with citizens of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, signing the petition.

The petition is one aspect of the Church of Scientology International’s Making Human Rights a Global Reality campaign, which has the purpose of creating tolerance and peace through promoting human rights awareness and education. The founder of Scientology, humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard stated, “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.”

To read this petition and to add your signature in support, sign our online version below and send this link to all your friends.

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