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Idaho State Rep Donna Boe Takes Stand to Curb
Human Trafficking

March 24, 2005

With the U.S. State Department estimating that in the United States alone 14,000 – 17,000 human beings are forced into prostitution, domestic services and farm work each year, the issue of human trafficking needs to be brought to public awareness and addressed. Idaho State Representative Donna Boe is taking a leadership role in bringing the problems of human trafficking to public view.

“These people are totally at the mercy of traffickers," Boe said. "I think it's there but people aren't being trained to ask the right questions," she said. "The federal government is not going to find these victims - it's going to be local law enforcement."

A growing number of groups and political figures are beginning to address the issue of human trafficking. This growing awareness is positive and must be supported.

For more information on the Idaho bill, see the article in the Idaho State Journal.

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