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Church of Scientology Hosts Launch of
Human Rights Organization

Mr. Fabio Amicarelli, Director, Church of Scientology International European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights

Mr. Fabio Amicarelli, Director, Church of Scientology International European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights, speaking to 200 attendees at the launch of the new organization.

March 1, 2005

At a time when civil libertarians are warning that post 9/11 security measures intended to make nations more secure are bringing about a less free and open society, religious leaders, human rights advocates, scholars and civic experts yesterday founded a new European Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance.

Board members of the new foundation include Catholic, Muslim, Hindu and Scientologist representatives along with law and police experts.

The new organization, announced at an event attended by 250 people including leading diplomats at the Church of Scientology Advanced Organization of Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark, will focus on human rights education and public exposure of abuses to remedy racial and religious discrimination. Speakers yesterday underlined that religious freedom is being curtailed in several nations of Europe either indirectly through administrative action or directly through legislation.

Mr. Gibril Deen, Executive Director, Mahatma Gandhi Association, spoke about the growth of racism in Hungary, while Mr. Daoud Rosser Owen, President of the Association of British Muslims, warned that an effective organization is needed to combat the insidious reduction of religious rights in Britain. Mr. Thoger Nielsen, a retired inspector of the Danish police now active in international peace-keeping, emphasized that groups like the new foundation are needed to ensure that police and military organizations do not abuse their power. Ashleigh Prince, Executive Director of the Los Angeles-based International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance, welcomed the creation of a European organization.

Mr. Fabio Amicarelli, Director of the Church of Scientology International Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights in Brussels, acted as host. He released a new publication, Scientology: Effective Solutions - Defending Religious Freedom, a 36-page booklet outlining the Church’s record of accomplishments as a human rights advocate.

The Foundation will recognize outstanding achievement in human rights advocacy with the presentation of an annual award.

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